Keeping People Safe & Healthy

Lately we have all become more focused on our health and our family’s health. As a young woman I had an early run in with thyroid cancer. With the support of my family and a lot of good healthcare I beat it. But for the last several years the Kansas Legislature has had a chance to extend Medicaid and get healthcare coverage for 150,000 more Kansans, healthcare they need.

Our current State Senator, Susan Wagle, orchestrated a misguided effort against getting those Kansans the care and treatment that they deserve, even though the Federal Government is offering to pay. That’s wrong. I want to go to the State Capitol and fight for pre-existing conditions coverage and expand Medicaid for underserved citizens, including disadvantaged children. Wagle and some in Senate also undermined the medical community and the Governor’s efforts to keep us safer from the pandemic and someone has got to stop them.

As studies have demonstrated a rise in domestic violence rates due to the pandemic, I also believe it is important to support and uplift victims by providing them the resources they need, such as access to shelters. As state senator I will work to ensure that all Kansans can be safe and healthy.

— Melissa Gregory